Who’s running the show?

Who’s running the show?

Carver Management Meeting 2

In about 1986 Bob Carver wanted to go on vacation, but he was worried about decisions made in his absence. In our last management meeting before his departure we tried to calm his mind.  Or blow it.

Top row from left: Heather Hawley, Cory Rivers, Hugh Goring, Clyde, Ron Havercamp
Bottom row from left:  Colleen McNaur, Sue McCauley, Eileen Rutledge, Bob Carver, Marian Lundberg




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  1. Carrie Connolly says:

    Just discovered this site. Pretty fun to read about some audio history in the great Northwest. Not only did I grow up with Jafco, Seattle Stereo, Speakerlab, Electricraft and, one close to my heart, the former Magnolia Hi Fi (I have finally gotten used to saying Magnolia Audio Video when I answer the phone!). This career of mine (33 yrs, 31 at Magnolia), has spanned many fine years in our industry. It is still a joy to help someone..whether upgrading speakers I sold them in the 80s or turning them on to their first real audio system. Love it!!

  2. Sara Weber says:

    I must have been out of the country because I never remember Bob EVER taking a vacation!!!!!

  3. boB Gudgel says:

    How come they all look like Bob Carver ?

    I’d love to see the original picture !

    BTW, Robin Gudgel wrote up a little thing about the making of PNW inverter and alternative energy companies relating to Bob Carver and Phase Linear.



    • Colleen says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for the link! I enjoyed the article and appreciate the data. I also enjoyed reading about you in “Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws Who Hacked MA Bell” by Phil Lapsley. So fun to be reading a good book and discover one of your friends in it! Oh, the memories. I’d be happy to show you the originals – the 1980 Christmas card from AudioControl is next!

      • boB Gudgel says:

        CooL ! Would love to see what you got. Somewhere, I have a great picture of you from the 1970s I think it was in Las Vegas when we were all at CES. I should also find, scan and post some pix of TAPCO and Bill Skinner, etc. Dang ! I sure miss Bill !

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