Bio pic 3 web 100My name is Colleen, and I have been in the Audio Video industry since the late 1970’s.From early studio jobs to manufacturing to repping, I have seen quite a bit of the audio world. I’ve attended many a CES, NAMM, Infocomm, CEDIA…and one NAB. (If these letters mean nothing to you, they are our industry’s trade shows)

I had a front row seat to some of the format wars as the electronic engineer for CBS Records (We licensed RCA’s CED technology. It was a marketing disaster but a technical marvel – the manufacturing team was on budget and slightly under schedule.) I also had a great view of a large, 24-hour a day record plant.

Carver Corporation was next, I served as Engineering Manager for a few years. When I got there we were US built with an awesome factory and a lot of talented people, but it was the eighties and offshoring was the thing money men wanted everybody to do. By the end of my tenure products were being phased out in the states and being manufactured by contract in Japan.

Next came being a manufacturer’s representative: first for higher-end consumer electronics, over the years veering into commercial sound and control. My last job was as Communications Director for a commercial AV company in Silicon Valley.

I currently live on a sailboat close to the Hiram Chittenden locks in Seattle with my husband and my very old cat. Oh, the things that come through those locks. But that is another story.